That’s what another “trainer” said to me when
I was 39. “What are you going to do Russ when
you hit 40, you’ll be all washed up!”

I was pretty taken back, but he meant it.
Anyway, I sent him away to wipe down

Personally I see it as I’m 18 with 22 years

Ok, I have a few aches and pains sometimes. I
might need a bit more sleep if the kids have
thrown-up over me during the night.
A while back I had a couple of young guy show
up at Tuesday nights HIIT training at
Pleshey. We have all levels and abilities
join in and anyone is welcome.
I could see these younger guys smirking,
making jokes about some of the older guys.
…until they couldn’t keep up with them.
They had to drop out for a rest…which is
Needless to say they didnt come back. I ran
into one of them in my local pub soon
afterwards. He looked embarrassed. I didn’t
feel the need to make it any worse.
But we seem to have this built in psyche that
lets other people tell us what we should and
shouldn’t be doing as we get older.
Personally I don’t feel that way.

“It’s your age” “Wrong side of 40” “You
shouldn’t be doing that at your age.”

It does hits a nerve sometimes, if you let
it. I think people say it to make themselves
feel better, or maybe it’s just the green
eyed monster.
The fittest people I’ve trained have been the
‘wrong side of 40.’
Kettlebell athletes winning Gold and Silver
Medals. Winning Triathlons. Cycling from
London to Paris in 24 hours or 50 miles over
the Cornish hills. Setting goals and
achievements. Or just people who want to get
fit and feel better about themselves.

So if you are sitting there procrastinating
because of your age. Or letting other people
tell you “you’re too old.” Take a big dose of
‘man-up’ and start doing something.

Have a good evening.

Russell ‘not quite over the hill’ Pearcy.

ps. HIIT Training Tonight Pleshey