Hope you had a great valentines weekend.

After Kettlebell training on Valentine’s Day I took Mrs P out for a nice meal.
No kids, no colouring pens.
I woo’d her just like the olden days…how could she resist!

3 kids on, Mrs P and I have now been together 25 years.
Through thick and thin.
Black and white (and 50 shades of grey…if I’m lucky!)

It’s not always been a bed of roses though.

There was a time, long ago, when Mrs P left me.
Things weren’t great.

She doesn’t do things by half.
She went to Australia!

It was a pretty miserable time for me.
But it taught me a big lesson.
We hooked up some months later and all is good now.


Because all the small daily, weekly efforts we both made added up.
Let’s be honest Valentine’s Day, while nice, isn’t a one off magic pill for a good relationship.

It’s like getting back in shape.
One trip to the gym or a few spontaneous crunches wont make the waist line smaller.
There is no magic pill.
You have to do the work.

February is a tough time to get in shape.
Its cold and dark.
The January motivation has gone.
But if you want to feel good for spring.
You’re going to have to do the work.

So start making a daily effort.
It could be just a walk, a work out.
Bin the booze for a while, drop the crisps and replace it with an apple.
All these things add up.

Back in December 2014 hundreds of people downloaded my 19 day plan.
For most who did the work, it worked really well.

Were you one of the ones that made a bad decision like….
Ordering a pizza on 2nd January.
Messed around of facebook instead of going for a walk.
Drank too much the night before and cant get up the next morning to go training.

I have no doubt I have pressed on a few nerves which is fine, and was my intention.
If you want to change your shape, get ready for spring and summer.
You need to start now. Feel free to drop me a line.