I hope you had a great easter weekend.

I just ticked a bit of a box in my life.
I bought a boat!

One of my lifes ambitions.
To own a boat.

First time out the other day.
I thought I was going to sink.

Now before you say, “Wow, Russ, there must be a good money in Kettlebells.”
Its no Sunseeker with a helipad.
Its more of a humble 4 meter rib with a the biggest engine I could afford on the back.
But it’s great fun.

Why did I buy it?
When I was a kid my Dad would take my brother and I out on a small boat he owned.
Crabbing, fishing, just having some fun.
I want to do the same for my kids.

I could have put it off.
Found a 100 reasons not to do it.

Not enough time.
Too expensive.
The list goes on….

But it’s time lost, you NEVER get it back.
And before you know it, my kids will be another year older and another summer gone.
Opportunity gone forever.

It’s like getting healthier, or losing some weight.
Just have to DO IT instead of procrastinate about it.

We’re coming up on the spring/summer now.
If you want to get back in shape, head on over here.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my first experience as new boy in the Marina.


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