So I got my boat.

I can tick it off my bucket list.
(part 1 here)
Stage 2…Get it into the water!
Ideally without sinking.
I was nervous.
Doing something you’ve never done before is always scary.
Its a fear of failing. Us guys experience it a lot.
I see it all the time when I get new people in kettlebells.
But the fear goes quickly.
Now launching a boat isn’t easy, a lot can go wrong.
Because I was taking my kids out I thought I’d do a ‘dry run’.
Otherwise I could end up adrift and having to eat one of my own legs.
Don’t tell anyone but…
I even set up my boat up in the middle of the playing field in Pleshey.
Yes, engine and all.
How funny did it look, but I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing.
I didn’t want to mess up or look a fool.

I tracked down the nearest Marina.
Asked the expert, the Marina man because there’s no manual telling me how to do this stuff.
He was really helpful.
It took me 45 minutes.
A stranger helped me put the engine on.
My fears gone….until I went to lift the boat.
Out of water the boat weighs over 120kg.
I had to lift and wheel it to the waters edge.
Pretending like it was no effort.
Until one of the old boys said, “you want to set that up nearer the water next time!”
I was rumbled.
Anyway, whats the point of me telling you this.
Firstly as I said in my last email don’t procrastinate, especially with your health.
Just do it, the same way I wanted to get my boat.

You will always find reasons not to do something.
Secondly, ask someone who knows better than you.
I asked the Marina man for help because I didn’t have a clue.
So if you want to get in shape, get in contact.
It’s time lost, you never get back.
Start eating better now, not after the party next week.

Have a great evening.