I’m sitting here nursing a few bruises.
Bruised pride as well if I am honest.
I can’t even lift a Kettlebell.
I came off my bike yesterday.
Clean over the handle bars.
It was my own fault.
I was on a busy road in the middle of rush hour.
Lorries, cars, vans.  You get the picture.
It’s one of those ‘what if scenarios’ so I’m lucky to relatively unscathed.
I’d just dropped my new truck at Joyce Designs in Chelmsford after early morning Kettlebells.
They’re a pretty cool sign writers who have done a great design for my truck.
I’d taken my bike with me so I could high tail it over the other side of Chelmsford.
I was training my friend Ajay.
“I can make that in time” I thought
Anyway there I was on the side of a busy road, picking myself and the bike up fast.
Hoping I wasn’t going to get flattened by a lorry!
My cycle helmet took some impact as I remember hitting the floor head first and then rolling.
I sat down and checked myself over.
Lucky, just scratches and bruises.
A few nice people stopped too to see if I was ok.
I sat there till the shakes stopped.
Just then an older guy cycled by, not fast.
As I looked closely at him.
I noticed he had tubes going into his nose and a small cylinder of oxygen on his back.
Not in the best of health but doing what he could.
It made me think.
Why was I rushing so much trying to make time.
Fit too much in.
Idiot….now look at me.
Training, staying healthy, weight loss are the same really.
Trying to do too many things at the same time.
Doesn’t always get you the best result.
If anything it’s counter productive.
Do one thing, do it well.
Don’t try and do too much and wear it like a badge of honour.
I off to put a Mr Man plaster on my knee.
Russell ‘bruised’ Pearcy
Ps. Kettlebells tonight 8pm Pleshey although I wont be swinging I’m afraid!