Hope you had a great weekend.
I love kettlebells, but at 42 I also love bikes.
On Sunday I was Mountain Bike Racing at Carver Barracks.
Picture it.  100 lycra-clad men, last minute adjusting themselves.
I hung back.
It was my first race for a while and I was nursing a ‘hurty’ hand and knee.
(Embarrassingly from coming off my bike!).
The whistle went and we were off.
I started my own little race with the guy next to me.
The track started getting tough.
Big drops, climbs, jumps, ditches the adrenaline starts to flow.
I just took my time.
The pack starts to spread pretty quickly.
And so do the abilities.
As I settle into the first few miles I’m tailing this guy.
He had this shirt with the words printed ‘Fat Lad At The Back.’
It made me laugh.
But I wanted to get past by him.
In Mountain Bike Racing we’re all very polite.
There is no swearing, acts of aggression to your fellow rider or you’re banned.
“On your right” I shout.
He makes room and I pass.
“Nice shirt” I said.
In a couple of minutes I hear on your left”.
‘Fat lad at the back’ passes me.
(by the way ‘Fat lad at the back‘ is a clothing brand)
We kept on passing each-other for the rest of the race.
A game of cat and mouse.
A sprint to the finish, it was great.
We get to the end of the race, shake hands and have a chat over a tea and a bacon roll.
‘Fat lad at the back, Martin, and I’ had a great race and our own battle too.
We were pretty much matched which made it fun and I made a new friend.
There were no illusions we were going to catch the 20 year old pro at the front.
But it didn’t matter.
A lot of people enter these races because they enjoy the challenge, a new experience.
They want to do something different.
Not just the normal ‘gym thing’.
It doesn’t matter about age or ability.
Its the same with KB3 training.
We have a real good mix.
A bit of friendly competition sometimes.
But always a good result at the end.
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