A few years back I was contacted by a Major in the American Air Force.
He was related to a client I was training with Kettlebells in Chelmsford.
This Major called me and said he was on leave.
He wanted to meet to know how to use Kettlebells.
I thought I was going to get my ass kicked!
We arranged a time and a place.
As you can imagine I was pretty blown away by this.
A Major coming to see little o’le me.

Anyway, I asked him, “Why do you want to use Kettlebells?”

He replied, “All the Special Forces guys I lookafter use them.”
“When they get off the plane they have kit on one hand, Kettlebell in the other and I don’t know how to use one.”

I’m not kidding, this Major was 6’4 and built like an out house.
To put you in the picture I’m 5’6.
It was like David and Goliath.
This guy was fit.
He could have taken me a part.
The Major, he could press big weights.
He could run.
But that’s where it ended.
Because Kettlebells uses everything.
Every part of the body to generate power.
The Major was in pieces…
You see, a group of muscles will always give you more bang for your buck than a single bicep curl or a push up.
But it puts a lot more demand on your body.
More muscles worked = More calories burned.
So the Major and I worked together.
Good Kettlebell basics.
Enough for him not to get his assed kicked by his own men.
Today though Kettlebells are used by special forces and as a fitness test for the Russian Army.

If they are good enough for them, then I think they’ll be good enough for you.

Have a good evening.
Russell ‘didn’t get my ass kicked’ Pearcy