Use it or lose it…

After coming back from my fitness conference this weekend in Blackpool, I do a couple of things.

  1. Check there are no incriminating pictures of me dressed in lycra (what happened in Blackpool stays in Blackpool!).
  2. Digest what I’ve learnt and how it can benefit the people I coach.
  3. Apply it.

Unfortunately when it comes to getting back in shape most people only get as far as point no. 2, but never do the bit that matters….  APPLY IT!

Because if you don’t…you lose the flow and the enthusiasm fizzles out.

I’ve invested pretty heavily in my own education over the years.

At 44, despite a degree in exercise science, 25 years of coaching experience, you never stop learning.

Listening and learning from experts that know more than me on a subject is like gold.

I could just go read a few books.

Pick up ‘Muscle Head Weekly’ and just regurgitate what they say month in and month out.

Some do!

But there’s nothing better than working with real people.

Engaging with them.

Talking to them.

Questioning them.

Getting support off them.

It’s the only way you get better, fitter, faster, healthier.

You’ve got to mix with people that are better than you at something.

So if one of your biggest fears is will I be…

  • the last
  • the fattest
  • the most unfit…

Don’t worry…

Because you’re mixing with people who have been in the same position as you.

If you train with people that are fitter and faster than you, it can only mean one thing?

You’re going to go the same way!

You’re going get there quicker than plugging yourself into a treadmill.

Have a great evening.

Training tonight, 8pm Pleshey.

Russell ‘don’t do muscle heads’ Pearcy

ps.  Make sure yu down load my easy to use 5 day check list – AND APPLY IT!