I’m feeling a bit strange at the moment.
My body is changing!
Yes…I’ve become a littler greyer.
Mrs P say I’m still as irritating.
But over all I’m feeling pretty good.
I’ll tell you why in a moment.
In a few weeks I’m off to the good ole USA.
Me, Mrs P and offspring.
We’re going to get brainwashed by the the whole Disney thing.
But before I eat my bodyweight in burgers out there?
Mrs P has graciously given me a special pass to compete in a half ironman in Florida.
(big pay back on this one).

1.9 km swim
90km bike ride
21km run.

It’s in a place called Haines City about 30 minutes from our hotel (clip at the bottom of this blog).
I’ll be 1 of 34 Brits in a crowd of 1900 Americans (there will be no Trump jokes.)

I’m going to make sure I’ll be flying the flag for GB.
I’ll also be dishing out some ‘whoops’, topless high 5’s and man hugs to fit in.
Anyway, over the past few weeks the training has stepped up.
Which is why I’m feeling different.
Tougher swims, longer and faster rides and runs.
Pushing my body in a very MEASURED way.
It’s all part of the PLAN to get me to the finish line alive.
One of the things I have to do is a swim test each month.
It feels more like controlled drowning!
And lets me honest, Im not the most streamlined bloke!
(next section there is alot of numbers, so unless you are a geek, you might not like this.)
I have to do this very long warm up then take a deep breath and GO.
Swim 400m as fast as I can. I’ve got 15 minutes.
Record my split time for each 100m.
Whatever time I finish it in, I get to rest the remainder of the 15 minutes to rest.
Then I have to go again for 200m and record the 100m split times.
It’s a standard swim test (feel free to use it).
Anyway, after having to navigate around the lady with the big swim hat.
The bloke thrashing in the water and getting nowhere.
The girls chatting at the end of the lane and tutting when I splash them…
..to my surprise I knocked off about 3-4 seconds per 100m for the second month running.
Which is alot in swimming terms.
Thats just on two swims a week.
No more than 50 minutes each time.
Over 8 weeks.
Under 7 hours out of a possible 1344 hours (0.52% – I know some of you will check these numbers…Paul).
Getting results with weight loss,feeling better, bra busting pecs, kettlebells or triathlons, it doesn’t have to be time consuming.

Have a goal.
Get a plan.
Measure your progress.
But make sure the plan you have works.
Don’t regurgitate what you’ve read in a trash mag or some instagram post.
Because, guess what…it wont work.
Go to someone with a proven track record.
Someone who willing to put themselves through it, not just talk about it.
If you want to work with me at some point just click here.
Have a great evening.
Russell ‘feeling like flipper’ Pearcy