Everyone loves the underdog…

On Sunday I donned my best BBQing outfit.

I cooked over 250 bacon rolls for a group of hungry runners and spectators.




In my village we host the Pleshey and Essex Half Marathon for Springfield Striders.

I’m a part of our village hall committee.

450 runners and all their supporters.


We sell bacon rolls, cakes etc to raise money for our village hall.

Yes, I am a regular vicar of Dibley.

But it feels good to serve your community.


At 10:30am they started.

The front runners coming in to the finish at 1hour 8 minutes!

An incredible time.

Even sprinting I’d have trouble keeping up.


Over the next few hours the rest of the runners drifted in.

Some slow, some fast.

All different shapes, sizes, fitness levels.

Everyone gets cheered in.

Friends, family, supporters, clubs.


But do you know who gets the biggest applause?

The ones coming in at the back.

The ones that struggle.

Because everyone admires ‘a trier’.

Someone who refuses to give up even though they know they might come last.


One of the biggest hang ups people have about starting training or exercise is coming last.

  • Will I be the most unfit?
  • Will I be the fattest?

But everything gets easier with time.


At KB3 we scale everything for newcomers.

But we do it in a way where you still work with people who have been coming for years.

So you feel comfortable and a part of it.

Sure we’ve got some fit people.

But they weren’t always like that.

So if you want to kick start your fitness with a loss of friendly people.

Just click here.


Have a great evening.


Russell ‘off bacon at the moment’ Pearcy