Get your mind out of the gutter!

I’ll tell you how John lost 2 stone in a moment.

This meet was professional.
At the beginning of January I got an application form come in via my website from John.
Yes, that’s his real name!
Everyone who works with me fills in an application form at the start .
That way I get a clear picture if I can help them or not, honesty is key.
John was.
“I’m on holiday and feel uncomfortable with myself.”
“I don’t have the drive I used to have.”
What are you looking for from a health/fitness program?
“Support and guidance from a like minded group.”
There isn’t one mention of a…

… a 6 pack.
Wanting to grow the guns (biceps).
Or look ‘hench’ (yewf expression).
We spoke on the phone and arranged to meet (at my village car park).
John had fallen into a trap many men and women fall into.
Dedicated to work and family.
Looking after yourself gets put on the back burner.
Before you know it a few years have passed.
Your confidence isn’t what it was.
Anyway, how did John lose 2 stone?
1. He signed up with me and completed his one on one induction.

2. Joined our group training sessions and met the rest of the KB3 clan.

3. Stopped drinking and started my Smart Eating Plan and re-educated himself on a better way to eat.

4. And MOST IMPORTANT, he did what he said he was going to do.

That’s it…2 stone in 6 weeks.

Is John a lot happier…yes.
Does John feel uncomfortable anymore…no.
Does he have the drive he use to…yes he has his mojo back.
Is he looking ‘hench’…yes (in a non-man love way!)
But it doesn’t end there for John, there will be more good stuff to come.
Have a great evening.
Russell ‘dark carpark attendant’ Pearcy