Lessons from an Orca Whale?
After coming back from the US there were a few occasions I’d eaten so much I felt like Whale, but that’s not it.
One of the big parks in Florida is Sea World.
Is it a fantastic place.
It’s like an an Aquarium on steroids.
Educational and fun with a few extreme roller coasters thrown in the mix (which my daughter made me go on!).
It also famous for the ’Shamu’ show.
A show around Orca Killer Whales.
In fact that’s what Sea World is known for.
It is pretty spectacular.
But a few years ago it all went VERY wrong for them at Sea World.
One of the male Orca Killer Whales, Tilikum, killed one it’s trainers in a grizzly way.
What made it worse is this same Orca Whale has been responsible for 2 other deaths whilst in captivity.
Now there are lots of arguments why this happened.
The main one being…you should not keep animals like Killer Whales in captivity.
Sea World was accused of trying to cover it up and absolve themselves which back fired on them massively.
Whilst I enjoyed the show, knowing what had gone on previously didn’t sit comfortably with me.
During the show no trainers got in the water with the Whales and they all kept a safe distance from them.
No surprise there.
I’m not going to get all Green Peace on you but keeping whales in captivity?
As a Whale, imagine it, you’re use to living in the ocean, then some sticks you in swimming pool.
Eventually, you’re going to go mad.

And throwing humans in the mix?
It’s going to go wrong at some point!

It’s the same with exercise, diet, health.
If you don’t take care of it, at some point it’s going to go terribly wrong.
Even for those that exercise it doesn’t give you carte blanche to keep eating and drinking badly.
It’s going to go wrong at some point.
Stay on top of it.
Have a great evening.