I’m writing this email on the plane back to Blighty.
I’m returning from a family holiday in the good ole USA in Florida.
I’m physically slightly heavier and also financially lighter than when I went out!
I had a great time but I but there was some real eye opening moments.
 I’ll share with you over the next couple of emails.
But at this moment….
We had a great time.
Yes we did the whole Disney and parks thing.
I also got to do an Ironman triathlon.  (Thank you Mrs P).
But at this moment….Yes, I’m broke.
Disney done me.
Seaworld swindled me.
It wasn’t the big ticket money for the parks.
Or even the flights.
It was all the little things.
Locker hire $60
Daily Ice creams for the kids $210
Snacks $150
Tipping….don’t even go there!!!!
The small stuff really added up.
It’s the same for all those who have been doing the daily challenge on our private FB group while I was away.
I was away.
Everyone checking in still.
30 squats
30 push ups
That’s it…every day.
Just like the ice creams, the tipping.
The little things every day added up.
Some got there kids getting involved.
Family and friends getting stuck in.
Posting that they’ve done it.
Making themselves accountable and spurring other on to get it done.
The result….
In two weeks while I was away…
420 squats
420 push ups
Not too shabby!
Like to get involved?
Just click and ask to join or if you’re in there already, ask someone else.
We won’t bite!
Have a great day.
Russell ‘home sweet home’ Pearcy