Rugby Tackled by a Girl

I hope you had a good weekend.

I had to go on a course last night.
I’ve been avoiding it ages and didn’t want to go.
It was a Rugby course.

You know how you put things off all the time?
Find excuses, procrastinate, talk yourself out of it.
Almost creating a story why I shouldn’t do it.

You see, my son who is 5, plays for Braintree Rugby Clubs Bumbles.
I’ve inherited the coaching position this coming season.
I have a lovely Assistant Coach called Lisa.

Lisa and I had to practice tackling!
This means going low, ear on the buttock and taking your opponent down onto the ground.
Yes…I was tackled by a girl and taken down (she was rough with me too!)
We talked about coaching kids and adults, which are more similiar than you think.
Both like to have a nice experience, a sense of fun and play.
Like we do at KB3.
Anyway, I’d built this story up in my head why I shouldn’t go.
Why I didn’t need to do this coaching course.
But I had a great time and I learnt a few things too.

Its the same with training of any kind, getting fit, losing weight.
You know you need to do it but you create a story why you shouldn’t.

“I’ll be the slowest one there.”
“I need to lose weight first.”
“I just havn’t enough time.”

Sound familiar?

So stop making up stories and take the plunge.

Have a good evening.

Russell ‘tackled by a girl’ Pearcy

ps. Training tonight 8pm Pleshey

About the Author Russell Pearcy

Russell Pearcy has been working as a health and fitness coach for over 25 years helping men and women who feel tired and washed up get back in shape. Russell has also draws upon his experience as an Ironman triathlete to help coach others through this life changing transformation.