Go From Zero to Hero

Kids often see their parents as superhero’s, but it’s easy to let things slip. Work, looking after the family, and before you know it you’re not happy with the way you look or feel. Worst of all, the people around you start to notice too. Your time is taken up with the daily grind which never changes so you end up never starting anything

As a family man with 3 children, and a full time Coach, I understand that time is precious. So when it comes to spending that time getting yourself back in shape, back how you remember yourself, you want to make it an enjoyable experience so you can feel like a superhero again.

Amongst some of the effective methods we use is Kettlebells. It inspires, strength, power, endurance and inspires confidence and results.

I've got a medical condition since my teenage years. The hospital I'm under for it has said that there is no amount of diet or exercise that will help it. With Russell we worked on trying to prove that wrong. So we took measurements and went back to the hospital and the measurements have gone down instead of up.

I've gone through from teenage years never able to wear a skirt, to now gradually getting into a skirt. This year I'm now able to wear a bikini.

*(Results may vary from person to person.)

Christina Murphy

There has been a big improvement in my strength and stamina which is what I wanted to achieve.

There is no intimidation, everyone is very friendly and Russ makes every feel very warm and welcome

*(Results may vary from person to person)

Karen Baines

I've lost a bit of weight, toned up. When I first started I was with and 8 or a 10 kilo bell, and now I'm working with a 16 or 20 kilo bell

Energy levels are good especially with the advancing years that seem to be slipping by.

*(Results may vary from person to person)

David Herbert

It is definitely a significant factor of making me feel a lot happier today than I was a year and a half ago.

I've lost 2 stone… about 28 pounds.

You do feel like you have more energy. So you get the balance of the exercise, you get the release of endorphins, and at the same time you've got the right fuel going into the body so you feel more awake, more alert, and you feel like you're achieving more.

There is not a lot of that bravado as in… hey, look at what I'm lifting type of stuff that you get at a gym. These guys are always really down to earth.

*(Results may vary from person to person)

Matt Donahoe

I hardly have any back issues now… I used to get sore backs here and there but now I have hardly any of those. I do feel stronger, and I feel a more confident in myself.

*(Results may vary from person to person)

Lee Murray

Get results in less time.

Kettlebells are a key tool at KB3 Training. They forge strength, power, endurance transforming the way you look and the way your feel. Getting a leaner and healthier body faster.

Kettlebells provide a combination of fitness and conditioning in one simple piece of kit so you get results in less time.

Kettlebell training can be tough and technical, but we introduce it in easy to follow way so that men, women of all ages can benefit from learning Kettlebell Skills.

You’ll also be a part of a growing community of superhero Kettlebell users. As this ancient sport grows, you’ll be with like minded people so you’ll never feel the odd one out.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you join us you have nothing to lose. If it’s not for you we offer a money back guarantee. There’s no contracts, no tie-ins no joining fees.

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