Welcome to the KB3 Launchpad

If you’re feeling out of shape and starting from scratch again?

 This program is ideal for you.  

"There’s no running, no burpees…that’s a promise."

Launchpad is a program designed to ease you back into training in an unhurried and informal environment so you wont feel like the slowest and the most unfit.

Launchpad is designed to:

  • Get you great results so you feel in shape again.
  • Build your confidence so you feel good about yourself again.
  • Teach you new skills so you have a greater range of training options.

You'll be taking charge of your fitness with a small group of like-minded people to help you launch yourself into the range of training options.

Here's how it works...

In January we will start 2 small group sessions per week on a Tuesday's and a Thursday at 7:30pm.  In these sessions I will coach you through some of my well seasoned training methods.

A proven track record...

After our small group training session you can watch or even speak to some of the other members of the team who have been through the Launchpad program so you don't have to just take my word for it.