It’s kinda obvious…but


Yes, it’s valentines.
It’s kinda obvious…but…
I often tell Mrs P she’s won the lottery in life with me.
After she’s calmed down.

Put the carving knife away.

And it’s safe to come out.

Of course I tell her the same…because it’s true!
She puts up with the endless hours of triathlon training (even on holiday).
Sweaty gear.
Lifting kettlebells.
Extra time spent with the team in preparation for competitions.
Because it is obvious…
When you’re trying to get in shape or training for an event.
You need the support and encouragement of your loved ones.
Not just your friends, but the people closest to you.
Some of my top kettlebell lifters where introduced to me by their wives and girlfriends.
Birthday presents, christmas presents or just encouraged to ‘have a go.’
They may not have done it on their own otherwise.
Still sitting there contemplating joining the gym…again!
Lets be honest, us blokes are useless at times.
We wait till things hit critical before we do anything about it.
Constantly talking in the past about how physically great we were at some point in our 20’s!


We wont do anything about it ‘until we get a bit fitter’.
Which is like hiring a cleaner, then not getting them over till you’ve ‘cleaned up.’
Let’s face it…
the longer you put off doing and avoiding the required work, you’re also putting off and avoiding the results you say you want. Be it getting in shape or getting in touch with that inner athlete you know is lurking inside.
Make sure you appreciate your best half.
It shouldn’t be just on valentine’s, but all year round.
Have a great evening.
Russell ‘earned some brownie points’ Pearcy

About the Author Russell Pearcy

Russell Pearcy has been working as a health and fitness coach for over 25 years helping men and women who feel tired and washed up get back in shape. Russell has also draws upon his experience as an Ironman triathlete to help coach others through this life changing transformation.

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