Option 1:  Kickstart

Kickstart is our most popular program.  Ideal if you're starting from scratch and you’ve never used a kettlebell before.  Kickstart includes  3 x 1:1 Coaching sessions with Russell teaching you essential Kettlebell skills you'll need to springboard you into our friendly Team training program with 10 sessions.

Price £127

Option 2:  1:1 Premier Transformation 

My 1:1 Premier Transformation programs get results with accountability.  It's for those that want to get their bodies and health back and feel good again.

A combination of 1:1 Coaching in a private training facility and optional Team Training to get the very best results in the shortest time frame.

T1 £150 per month
Our most popular program combining a weekly 1:1 Coaching and home programing.

T2 £300 per month
For those that want 2 or more 1:1 Coaching sessions per week and accountability but still have the option of Team Training.

Option 3:  Team Training

Team is our popular group training program focussed on getting you results.

Exercise can be more fun and  get better results when you work with a group, it's a proven fact. Our Team program is a friendly environment with a variety of optional training sessions  which tick all the boxes.

Kettlebells - Strength and conditioning

HIIT Training - Fitness

Animal Flow - Mobility, Agility and Strength.

Kettlebell Sport - Dip your toe in competitive kettlebell lifting.

All levels of fitness are welcome and makes an ideal continuation from our Kickstart program.

Price - £50 per month

So if you want to make a change and want a challenge click below to register for your free coaching call.