I nearly had to be rescued…

I hope you had a good weekend.

On Saturday I nearly had to be rescued.


I mentioned in the past I have a boat. It’s
nothing flash. You couldn’t land a helicopter
on it!

I took Mrs P and kids out on the boat after
Saturdays Kettlebells training. We headed to
Mersea for some fun. Crabbing, ice cream,
messing around on the beach and swimming.

For those of you who have any ocean going
knowledge it can be a dangerous place. You
have to have a plan, you can’t wing it. Tides
times, water levels, currents, wind
conditions and temperatures.

But just like training plans, even the best
laid plans sometimes go wrong. Holidays,
parties, seeing friends, work etc.

Now the golden rule of being at sea, and if
you want to get back to land, is you have 2
hours either side of high-tide. On this
occasion high tide was 1:30pm it was now gone

Why so late? Things happened we couldn’t plan

We experienced some big waves that came out
of nowhere. The kids, scared at the waves
coming over the side, kept shouting, “We’re
all going to die!!!”. We made it out of the
waves but got delayed heading back. A sand
bank to go around. Kids wanting the toilet.
Mrs P’s navigation!

We were racing back minutes from the marina
and suddenly the engine hit the mud. I ened
up walking across the sea bed dragging Mrs P
and kids in just a few inches of water.

The tide was still going out and I thought we
were stranded. I kept thinking…”What can I
do to make this better.”

We could have been stranded in the middle of
the estuary, grounded. I could have called
the coast guard. Set off flares. Or the
sensible thing was to just hang on till the
tide started coming back in 5 hours time.

Luckily I came across a deeper channel of
water and high tailed it back. I managed to
get the family back on land and the boat out
of the water with only minutes to spare.

The thing is with plans of any kind you
always have to make allowances. Just like our
day out on the boat. Nothing ever goes 100%
to plan.

This couldn’t be truer for getting in shape.
People on a fitness regime.

So often I hear from people who abandon all
efforts because they’ve ‘fallen off the
wagon’. Where as the best and easiest thing
to do is ‘Keep calm and carry on training.’

Have a good evening.

Russell ‘going on a seamanship course’ Pearcy


About the Author Russell Pearcy

Russell Pearcy has been working as a health and fitness coach for over 25 years helping men and women who feel tired and washed up get back in shape. Russell has also draws upon his experience as an Ironman triathlete to help coach others through this life changing transformation.