Fancy a drink?

Hope you had a great weekend.

Kettlebells on Saturday was tough but everyone got through it.
Sunday I was MTB racing at Thetford Forest. Fantastic place if you haven’t been.
Great place to relax with loads of cycle routes for all abilities. Pay a visit if you get a chance.  Click here for more details

Following on from my friend Matt pushing aside the temptations of beer.
A quick reminder, in my last email, Matt was making noises about giving up drink last weekend, so I said if he gave up any booze, I would join him.

Matt has stayed true to his word.

Let me explain… we are not walking around with halos on our head preaching to others.
We’ve agreed that on the weekend if we want a drink we can have one, but it has to be expensive.
A nice bottle of wine to savour, not just something you recklessly knock back and crack open another bottle.
No Blue Nun or Dark Tower here!

So what’s the fall out of week one?

We still both have a sense of humour and both lost about 3-4 Ibs each, without even trying.
We were chatting the other day about it during training and comparing notes about how we felt.
Matt said he was rocking when he got into work Monday morning, when everybody in the office was feeling groggy.
We have both both noticed that our focus and concentration has also been a lot better.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fancy a drink in the hot weather, but I’ve started something, so I will finish it.
This isn’t a permanent thing, just a break, but its a good test
Could you do it?

The one thing I was worried about ‘sabotage’.
“Go on, just have one.”
Sometimes we’re waiting for others to slip us up OR they want us to slip up, as it makes them feel better maybe?
But once you tell people what you’re doing, they are actually very supportive.

So here are a couple reasons to take a short break from alcohol.

If you’re a regular drinker you’re body build a tolerance to it. Tolerance is a physiological response we have to any drug.
As your tolerance builds up, you need to consume more alcohol to get the same effect.
This can mean you end up drinking to levels that are harmful to your short and long-term health.
Taking a break RESETS your tolerance.

Regular Drinker?
Regular drinking can cause an upset stomach, indigestion and headaches.
You’ll find these symptoms disappear when you take a booze break.
You may also feel better in yourself, more alert and generally brighter without alcohol in your system.
In the long term, cutting back on alcohol will lower your risk of serious diseases such as cancer, liver disease and stroke.

Have a go, give it up for a short while. Have a start date and finish date…and finish it!

Have a good day.

Russell ‘Mines a Lime and Soda’ Pearcy


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