Have you ever had a facebook troll?

Have you ever had a facebook troll?

I wrote this email a few weeks back and forgot to send it, but I thought you’d find it interesting.

Its official, I got my first facebook hater/stalker/troll, call them what you want.
Trying to post abusive messages on my facebook account.
It’s a strange feeling when someone you have never met or known wants to slander you.

I got a call from what sounded like a nice lady, saying, “Hi, I’d like to talk to you about nutrition and your clients.”
I listened, but after about 30 seconds it clicked..
She started on a script trying to sell to me. Pyramid selling techniques.
How much money I could make etc etc.
She had clearly been brain washed.

I asked who she worked for. To avoid any legal entanglements lets say it rhymes with…


‘Verbal Strife’ (VS)

I get calls from these people time to time.
I politely say no, but this particular lady was persistent and didn’t take no for an answer.

She went on to tell me how great and ‘natural’ VS products were and how much weight people could lose.
So I simply asked this nice lady if she had some of her products to hand.

“Could you read out the ingredients on the side for me?”

She started but soon ground to a halt very quickly after she got to ‘collagen’ and words she and I couldn’t say.
I made my point politely and she hung up on me.
Later I got barrage of abusive posts on FB.
Thankfully a good tech friend of mine set up my FB account to prevent these..

It’s a real shame because companies like VS rip the buyers off with low quality ingredients sold as premium price.
Whats sad is that people in the middle are deluded into thinking they have a job when in reality they start pestering everybody they know into signing up.
There’s very little nutritional science or training.

I’m not anti-supplements at all.
But I dont understand when people spend small fortunes on these products and eliminate whole foods from their diet only to live on bars and powders.
In my experience 95% of these plans end up with people putting on more weight than before.

So here is a nice wholesome breakfast if you fancy giving it a go, its a favourite of mine and lots of others.
Bags of protein in the eggs and natural sugars in banana.

Banana and Cinnamon Omlette.
1 Chopped up banana
3 whole eggs
2 tbs cinnamon
1 tbsp Olive Oil
Heat the oil in pan on medium heat and add chopped banana until they soften.
Beat 3 eggs in a bowl
Pour eggs over banana
When almost cooked, sprinkle cinnamon over the top to serve.

Have a good evening.

Russell ‘trolled’ Pearcy

About the Author Russell Pearcy

Russell Pearcy has been working as a health and fitness coach for over 25 years helping men and women who feel tired and washed up get back in shape. Russell has also draws upon his experience as an Ironman triathlete to help coach others through this life changing transformation.