Crushed on the cross bar…


Yes it happened.
The accident that any man dreads.
Falling onto the crossbar of his bike.
No amount of padding can protect you from that pain.
Eventually I stopped crying.
Did a quick investigation to ensure there was no permanent damage!
I got up and carried on.
I was trying out a set of ‘rollers’ for my bike.
What are rollers ?
Imagine putting your bike on 3 giant rolling pins.
2 for the back.
1 for the front.
Then cycling indoors.
I’ve been struggling for time to train at the moment.
Dark nights.
Poor weather conditions.
Plus I’m fed up of having to clean my bike all the time.
So just as a temporary measure I’m getting up a bit earlier.
Jumping on the bike (on rollers) just for 20 minutes.
Then get stuck into the day.
There’s never a perfect time to start training.
I’ve heard every excuse under the sun.
The biggest one is ‘TIME’.
But if it’s important enough to you, you’ll make time!
Home exercise, bikes, apps…just open the front door and step out of it.
There is no reason, no excuse not to look after your health.
I even write out easy to do workouts and post them on the KB3 Inner Circle Facebook page.
It’d to help people. If you’d like to join by the way, click here.
Have a great evening.
Training tonight 8pm Pleshey.
Russell ‘ice pack required’ Pearcy

About the Author Russell Pearcy

Russell Pearcy has been working as a health and fitness coach for over 25 years helping men and women who feel tired and washed up get back in shape. Russell has also draws upon his experience as an Ironman triathlete to help coach others through this life changing transformation.

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