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I met a man in a dark car park and he lost 2 stone!

2 stone

Get your mind out of the gutter! I’ll tell you how John lost 2 stone in a moment. This meet was professional. At the beginning of January I got an application form come in via my website from John. Yes, that’s his real name! Everyone who works with me fills in an application form at […]

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Pancakes and 1000 Push Ups


I love pancakes. I dont care how many calories they have in them. Sugar, lemon, syrup…take your pick, they all taste nice! Balanced eating is good. Fruit and veg are good. Good quality meats. Plenty of fluids. Pancakes sit in there somewhere. The only thing I have to compete with is those kids of mine. […]

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I love Dorris…

Storm Dorris

I’m sitting here writing this email while storm Dorris is blowing a hooly outside. Our powers gone out. If I was the kind of person who went into melt down over somthing like this? I’d be contemplating which one of the children I’d have to eat first in case we run out of food! Thankfully […]

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She lost her knickers while training…


I got a text message the other day from and old client of mine. It made me laugh, because yes, she did actually lose her knickers in training once. I’ll tell you what happened in a moment. We hadn’t been in touch for a long while. She stopped training due to work pressure etc. It’s […]

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A surgeon, an anaesthetist, a bus enthusiast and me in Blackpool…


You must be sitting there scratching your head on this email. What that hell is Russell on about? Well I’ll tell you. This afternoon I’ve been completing my session planner for a fitness weekend away in March. It’s called the International Fitness Showcase hosted in Blackpool. It’s the biggest 3 day fitness event in the […]

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It’s kinda obvious…but


Yes, it’s valentines. It’s kinda obvious…but… I often tell Mrs P she’s won the lottery in life with me. After she’s calmed down. Put the carving knife away. And it’s safe to come out. Of course I tell her the same…because it’s true! She puts up with the endless hours of triathlon training (even on […]

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Fire fighting…

fire fighting

I had a ‘virtual leg slap’ from my coach yesterday. I’ll tell you why in a minute. You might be able to relate to it. As you know I’m not a big fan of new years resolutions. So I set 90 day targets. I do it for all sorts of things. Work, training even spending […]

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Crushed on the cross bar…


Yes it happened. The accident that any man dreads. Falling onto the crossbar of his bike. No amount of padding can protect you from that pain. Eventually I stopped crying. Did a quick investigation to ensure there was no permanent damage! I got up and carried on. I was trying out a set of ‘rollers’ […]

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I couldn’t get away from Karen…


I was training our Kettlebell group, the ‘invincibles’, on Saturday. Afterwards, one of our regulars, Karen, came up to me. Everyone had gone, she’d made eye contact. I couldn’t get away! Anyway Karen came up and said, “I just want to say thanks.” I had that warm feeling come over me. A sense of panic […]

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I’ve put on some dirt…

Some Dirt

I was training a friend of mine the other day and she referred to her fat bits as ‘dirt’. Made me laugh! But it’s true. I’ve put on some ‘dirt’, weight, chub…call it what you want, over the past few weeks. After losing nearly 18Ibs in the past few months it’s started to creep on. […]

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