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Pleshey and Essex Half Marathon

Pleshey Half Marathon 2017

Everyone loves the underdog… On Sunday I donned my best BBQing outfit. I cooked over 250 bacon rolls for a group of hungry runners and spectators.   Why?   In my village we host the Pleshey and Essex Half Marathon for Springfield Striders. I’m a part of our village hall committee. 450 runners and all […]

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What’s it like to do your first triathlon – Ironman 70.3

Dads First Tri

My First Triathlon It was an Ironman 70.3 in Vichy, France,  I can remember my first triathlon it in every detail. Like I remember the birth of my children. That might sound cliche, but something different was born in me that day. The fear of the 1900m open water swim with 100’s of people around […]

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Lets talk about the S word… Stress

Stress and Anxiety

 yep… stress. This week is mental health awareness week.You’ve probably seen a lot in the press recently. Back in 2001 my old business partner said I needed to go to the Dr. I was acting irrationally.Losing my temper.Not sleeping.So I did.He diagnosed me with anxiety/stress.I laughed and said, “you’re joking.”2 out of every 3 of us will suffer […]

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A lesson from an Orca Whale…

Orca Whale

Lessons from an Orca Whale? After coming back from the US there were a few occasions I’d eaten so much I felt like Whale, but that’s not it. One of the big parks in Florida is Sea World. Is it a fantastic place. It’s like an an Aquarium on steroids. Educational and fun with a […]

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I’m broke…

im broke

I’m writing this email on the plane back to Blighty. I’m returning from a family holiday in the good ole USA in Florida. I’m physically slightly heavier and also financially lighter than when I went out! I had a great time but I but there was some real eye opening moments.  I’ll share with you […]

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Use it or lose it…

use it or lose it fail

Use it or lose it… After coming back from my fitness conference this weekend in Blackpool, I do a couple of things. Check there are no incriminating pictures of me dressed in lycra (what happened in Blackpool stays in Blackpool!). Digest what I’ve learnt and how it can benefit the people I coach. Apply it. […]

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Don’t tell anyone but…


I hope you’re having a great evening, just a quickie before a shoot out for dinner. I’m up in sunny Blackpool at the moment (it’s pouring outside!). Im here on a the International Fitness Showcase fitness weekend for geeks like me and people who just like training. Don’t tell any but… I’ve just come out […]

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Something strange is happening to me…


I’m feeling a bit strange at the moment. My body is changing! Yes…I’ve become a littler greyer. Mrs P say I’m still as irritating. But over all I’m feeling pretty good. I’ll tell you why in a moment. In a few weeks I’m off to the good ole USA. Me, Mrs P and offspring. We’re […]

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You SHOULD NOT listen to me because…

You SHOULD NOT listen to me because...

You SHOULD NOT listen to me because… I don’t always eat clean. Yes, I like beer and wine (not while I’m training thankfully!). Yes, I know salad is good but pizza tastes better sometimes. You SHOULD NOT listen to me because… I’ve no desire to make you sick when you exercise (if I do I […]

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Entering My First Tough Mudder?

Mud run

Yes I decided to take the plunge and get into my first tough mudder, or so I thought. My first ever obstacle course race (OCR). I’m going to be honest with you though. I was in two minds, as I’m paranoid about picking up injuries at the moment! Plus I have no desire of scooping […]

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