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I couldn’t get away from Karen…


I was training our Kettlebell group, the ‘invincibles’, on Saturday. Afterwards, one of our regulars, Karen, came up to me. Everyone had gone, she’d made eye contact. I couldn’t get away! Anyway Karen came up and said, “I just want to say thanks.” I had that warm feeling come over me. A sense of panic […]

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I’ve put on some dirt…

Some Dirt

I was training a friend of mine the other day and she referred to her fat bits as ‘dirt’. Made me laugh! But it’s true. I’ve put on some ‘dirt’, weight, chub…call it what you want, over the past few weeks. After losing nearly 18Ibs in the past few months it’s started to creep on. […]

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Creed got put in his place…

Hurt me

I went to see ‘Creed’ the next in Rocky trilogy here in the UK. It was good (Personally Rocky III and Clubber Lang was my favourite!). Anyway, without including any spoilers… If you cut through the story line there’s a valuable training lesson to be learnt. No…it’s not chasing chickens around the yard! Adonis is the […]

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Santa’s Watching…


Santa’s watching… Thats what I’ve been telling the kids on the build up to Christmas. Santa’s watching! Tidy your room. Eat your greens. Wash my truck (I’m a cruel Dad). But guess what…they’ve been doing it! Because they want Santa to visit them. THE RESULT…GOOD BEHAVIOUR. Tidy rooms. Eating broccoli (c’mon it is good for […]

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I ate bird guts for Christmas dinner…


I ate bird guts for christmas dinner. Whilst pretty horrific its better to try something than to never try anything at all!

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The worst thing you can do…

Lose weight now

Not long till the big guy comes down the chimney. Yes I still believe in fairies (been a few of those at training recently!) But the worst thing you can do this time of year is take you foot off the gas. Stop training, stop exercising. “Well you’re going to say that aren’t you Russell?” […]

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Lessons to be learnt from the SAS


If you’re like me, you’ve been glued to tv… SAS:  Who Dares Wins. Being hooded, tied up, tortured. Then interrogated. Grueling physical exercise, stress positions…no sleep. It’s like a Friday night in with Mrs P! I have to take my hat off to all involved though. The staff, the recruits. They’ve got balls Seriously, there are […]

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Why people fail…


So why do people fail when it come to their health? I’m laying here in my sick bed. Not feeling too great today. I just text Mrs P (who’s downstairs) if she’d bring me up a cup of tea! You should have heard the language! I didn’t know she knew such words! I’m resting up ready […]

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Beaten by a girl…


  I was coaching, my son, Lance’s under 6’s rugby team this Sunday. Lance’s twin sister, Erin, wanted to come and play. Most of the lads looked on in amazement as they were beaten by a girl. Yep, Erin ran circles around them. Whereas most of the lads will go for a bit of rough […]

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I had him on the ropes…


I was in court yesterday going toe to toe with a defense barrister. I had him on the ropes a few times. Why? No, the fashion police had not caught up with me! I was a witness, a victim of a fraudster, who of course was innocent! If you’ve ever been a witness before you’ll […]

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