About KB3 Training

My Approach…

At 47 and a busy Dad with 3 children, my approach was born out of a desire to help people get into great shape regardless of age or ability.

“It’s important that you have a real a sense of achievement from what you do.”

At KB3 training we provide a solution for busy people who want to get things done.

Work with Me

Make time

Lack of time is an excuse that effects your health and the way you feel. If it’s important to you, you’ll make time.

Keep it simple

Making training complexed, collecting information and looking for a magic pill doesn’t work. A simple approach of strength, conditioning, fitness and mobility. Kettlebells are a part of that process.

Iron Sharpens Iron

By working alongside like minded supportive people you’ll be encouraged and congratulated, not humiliated. An environment that will keep you on track and get you into the shape you want to be.

Ordinary Heroes, Extraordinary People