3 Crying Kids On A Mountain

I just got back from trip to the Lake District in Cumbria with Mrs P and the kids.

Had a great time.

My son Lance is one ‘giant gland’ at the moment.
Full of growth hormone, testosterone and adrenaline.
He runs everywhere, even up a mountain, everything is an obstacle to be jumped over.
On the first day I had 3 crying kids on a mountain.
We only went on a short walk up ‘Cats Gill’, 2 miles in total.
It’s very steep with a few trechourous bits.

“Don’t run on the wet rocks” I told Lance.

Did he listen…No!

He fell and bruised his bum!
It started to rain though.
The wind kicked in, adding wind chill.

“Put your hoods up or hats on girls”
“Put you gloves on”

Did my girls listen…no!
So I had 3 moaning crying kids.

I’m sure some of you can relate to this!

We got down.
It was amazing the warming effect of a chocolate bar!

Anyway, what’s my point?

Adults are just like kids in many ways.
They dont like taking advice until they learn for themselves.
Losing weight or getting back in shape for instance.
Most reach for the treadmill, join a gym.
But the truth is you don’t need to spend endless hours doing cardio, it wont work.

Lift weights, be it circuit training, body weight or kettlebells.
Just like the members at KB3 Training.

Have a good evening.

Russell ‘I’m cruel to my children’ Pearcy


Training tonight 8pm Pleshey.

About the Author Russell Pearcy

Russell Pearcy has been working as a health and fitness coach for over 25 years helping men and women who feel tired and washed up get back in shape. Russell has also draws upon his experience as an Ironman triathlete to help coach others through this life changing transformation.