Kettlebell Training

KB3 Training - One on One or Group

Group Training

Small group training sessions, you won't get lost in the crowd. We offer a friendly atmosphere, so you always made to feel welcome, and scaleable training; you won't feel like you're coming last. Find out More

One on One Coaching

Working in a group is great fun, but sometimes the groups needs may not be you want. We can provide specifically tailored training and higher level training for fast results. Find out More

What people think of KB3 Kettlebell Training

I hardly have any back issues now… I used to get sore backs here and there but now I have hardly any of those.

I do feel stronger, and I feel a more confident in  myself.

You do feel like you have more energy.  So you get the balance of the exercise, you get the release of endorphins, and at the same time you’ve got the right fuel going into the body so you feel more awake, more alert, and you feel like you’re achieving more.

I’ve lost a bit of weight, toned up.  When I first started I was with and 8 or a 10 kilo bell, and now I’m working with a 16 or 20 kilo bell.

Energy levels are good especially with the advancing years that seem to be slipping by.

There has been a big improvement in my strength and stamina which is what I wanted to achieve.

There is no intimidation, everyone is very friendly and Russ makes every feel very warm and welcome.

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